At 21 I found myself asking the question, what facilitates true wellness? This question took me on a journey that led me to where I am today as a Master New World Practitioner. I started out studying Superfoods, Nutrition, Herbal Medicines, and Fitness/Personal Training. When I turned 31 I found the International Training Institute of Health and I found my true calling. I already was aware that you are what you eat and drink. Though through my training with ITIOH ( I realized you are also very much your prominent, dominate thoughts. Thought form creates physical form and contributes to the expression of the physical body just as much as what you eat and drink.

It is my mission to assist each and every client to develop their perfect day on a emotional, physical and nutritional level.

I learned from my competitive dance background the value of a coach, for accountability, reflection and assisting one to set and attain specific goals. So my question to you is, do you desire to attain better health, more energy and a youthful glow? Or maybe you want to preserve your health as I did when I set out on my health discovery journey. Regardless of your health and wellness goals, I am here to elevate you in developing your massive personal action plan, getting you on the road to optimal health and emotional intelligence. True Healing comes from self love and self care, are you ready to love yourself well? Book a Perfect Day Consult Today!



Deep Tissue

“The secrets to feeling physically young lie within the joints. Wolfe Non Surgical Bodywork will completely restore mobility, flexion extension and strength. Displaced calcium, crystallization and scar tissue are the #1 issues behind chronic illness, chronic joint, muscle, tendon and ligament problems. All of these conditions are efficiently reversed when you incorporate the Perfect Day Lifestyle and Wolfe Non Surgical Joint Therapy treatments into your life.”

This specialized elbow therapy technique pulls muscle fibres apart which ultimately restores the flow of blood, lymph and life force to tendons, ligaments, muscles, joints and organs. Wolfe Non Surgical does not break up anything nor remove anything. It brings back the breath of life, reversing the issues in all body tissues by restructuring adipose tissue, adhesions, lesions, fibroids, tumors, calcifications and scar tissue from surgery.

The secrets to feeling physically and emotionally young lie within healthy tissues and joints. Wolfe Non Surgical Bodywork will completely restore mobility, flexion, extension and strength in all your joints, along with proper nutrition. Displaced calcium, crystallization and scar tissue are the #1 issues in your tissues when it comes to acute or chronic illness, chronic joint, muscle, tendon and ligament conditions. All of these conditions are effectively reversed when you incorporate our Perfect Day Lifestyle and our Wolfe Non Surgical Body Work Technique into your life. Do not let fear block you.


$195 CND per hour
Includes 15min Avacen and 15 min Bioptron Pre-treatment

What does a Perfect day feel like?

Be the Master of Your

Own Life

Your personalized Perfect Day Consultation will be tailored to your specific needs and requirements to create the Perfect Day, every day. Are you tired of going from practitioner to practitioner, from prescription to prescription or continually going from one symptom to another?

How would it feel if we created the Perfect Day tailored just for you, meaning, you will have a step-by-step simple, but powerful protocol to follow from the minute you rise until you close your eyes at night? Your Perfect Day Consultation will entail diet, detox, supplementation, exercise, internal and external therapies and will come with ongoing support because as you change, your Perfect Day must change along with you to create vibrant health.

Your inner thoughts create your outer world… And as your emotional health grows, your physical health will follow. So if you are feeling pain in your body, have been diagnosed with illness, or are plagued with unhappiness, we need to take a deeper look.

And when we create your PERFECT day together, you will have COMPLETE control over your health & wellbeing. And you will enjoy pain-free living and the energy to unleash your full potential!

Along with creating the Perfect Day to support your individual needs, I also provide you with plenty of follow-up accountability to encourage your continued commitment to your Perfect Day.Along with creating the Perfect Day to support your individual needs I will provide you with 6 weeks of telephone support so as you grow your program grows with you. After that you can still call or email anytime if you have questions. Personal action with ongoing support is a proven formula to your success!

$195 CND per Session
* ALL PERFECT DAY CONSULTATIONS ARE DONE ONLINE AROUND THE WORLD BY Phone, Facetime, Skype, Audio or video your choice. Your Perfect Day audio recording will be sent to you after your consultation has been completed, for reference.











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