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wolf non surgical treatment

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before we learn what this treatment is, we must first learn What scar tissue is

Scar tissue is a type of tissue that forms as a result of the body’s natural healing process. When the body is in a state of stress emotionally or physically, it enters into an inflammatory state. Fibrin, white blood cells and calcium are produced to restore structural integrity. If an area continues to be inflamed, calcification, crystallization and scar tissue will eventually form and this causes pain and the restriction of movement. 

Inflammation and scar tissue can be caused in many different ways over an individual’s lifetime. These can include surgery, poor nutrition, stress, injuries, grief and anxiety.

Although scar tissue is a natural part of the healing process, in some cases, excessive scar tissue can form. This is known as a keloid or hypertrophic scar, which extends beyond the original wound area and can be more noticeable and problematic. After many years of scar tissue buildup, flexibility and range of motion can be diminished. Pain can sometimes take years to occur after a trauma has taken place.


Some people say as they age, they feel less and less pain, this is because the body has produced so much scar tissue, it has been numbed down. The older one gets the stiffer one seems to feel, right? Ultimately, it’s not an “old age” issue but a scar tissue issue. Instead of being stiff and numbed down, wouldn’t it be great to remove blockages and allow for healthy circulation and retain youthful flexibility?

Wolfe Non-Surgical was developed over 35 years ago by Dr. Darrell Wolfe. It is quite unlike regular deep tissue massage in that it works on scar tissue, crystallization and calcification in the body. Massage is a great way to maintain and improve circulation and ease pain, but the real issue is in the accumulation of scar tissue. Breaking down this scar tissue allows for deeper healing and recovery, bringing the muscles and joints back to a more youthful, healthy and unencumbered state.

It goes much further than working on muscle tightness and knots. It is able to tackle pain at its origin and not just target the symptoms of pain.

The technique mainly uses an elbow precision technique to get deep into the muscle tissue. The elbow acts as a probe able to feel more than hands alone. This allows for precise movement on and around bones and joints, in deeper layers of muscle and fascia, muscle fibers, tendons and fibroids, etc.

When using WNS as a preventative therapy it is possible to maintain suppleness of joints and improve flexibility and range of motion. This technique is also highly effective at helping those who have already become “stiff and achy” to regain flexibility and reduce pain.

Reduce Pain

Regain flexibility

“Ultimately it’s not an ‘old age’ issue but a scar tissue issue. Breaking down this scar tissue allows for deeper healing and recovery, bringing the muscles and joints back to a more youthful, healthy state.”


What does wolfe non surgical heal?

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